Get Wi-Fi Range Extender To Boost Your Signals!


It is difficult these days to think of life without internet. Whether it is to work or to relax, we depend on our wi-fi connection to make life easier for us. One of the biggest woes we can face while trying to navigate the wireless world is weak signal strength. Have you ever faced this problem while using your wi-fi? read more here to find a solution that can put you at ease. Wi-fi range extenders are here to enhance the strength to your signals.

The experts at recommend buying a wi-fi range extender which is a simple device that can boost the existing signals if you have trouble getting Wi-Fi connection at all corners of your office building or home. This device can pick up the wi-fi signal from your router, amplify it and rebroadcast it to your gadget when you are sitting away from the router. A good range extender can work wonders for your network by almost doubling the coverage area.

Before we start to look into the features that are required in a range extender, let us first check if we actually need one. If you are using a router that is a few years old, then chances are that changing it would solve your network issues. You can also consider connecting your devices through Ethernet to your router to speed up your network if that is possible.

So how can you find a wi-fi range extender that will work for you? Here, let’s have a look at some of the factors that you should consider when you choose a range extender.

Do the compatibility check
The wi-fi standards, since it came out first in 1997, have been upgraded many times. Before you buy a fancy wireless extender make sure that your router can support it. If the router standard is obsolete then it would be better to replace the router than to opt for a range extender. It is also vital to check if the router speed is compatible with that of the range extender. If the signal received by your extender device is of low speed, it can only rebroadcast that weak signal.

Look for the right design
Range extenders come in a whole range of designs with some that are plug-ins to others that are quite bulky with many additional features to boast of. The simpler ones have a few LEDs that show power and signal indications and can be plugged in directly to a wall outlet. The bulkier ones, on the other hand, are almost like routers.

Single-band or Dual-band support
If your router is dual-band, then it would be ideal to get a dual-band extender. It is also worth remembering that a single-band device would be cheaper and it would support the lower bandwidth in your dual-band router too. You will still be able to connect to the upper bandwidth of the router as well.

Now that you know how to speed up your sluggish connection, get the range extender that suits your need and get going!