How To Send Fax From Gmail

Google Chrome has the capability of sending a fax for its document services through Gmail Fax Pro. You can try to follow the procedures listed below, or you can follow the stepwise procedure in .

When you have the Gmail account set up, you can create and save digital faxes with the help of Google Drive. The documents can then be sent through fax making use of Google Chrome application.

Procedure 1
To start with you should locate the document by signing into your Gmail account. You can make use of all the Google products which are available under a single Google username and password.

When you click on the “Google Drive,” you can see the drop down list which can be found on the toolbar on the topmost screen. As a next step, you should upload the documents which you wish to fax with the help of Google Drive. To upload documents click on the orange button or you can choose to create a new document using the “Create Button.”

Now you are all set to save the email attachments into Google Drive which is known as Google Documents. You can find the attachment online, or you can prefer downloading the document.

Once it is loaded, you can go ahead by clicking the “Add to Drive” button which is available on the top corner. It is better to do all the editing work before saving it. Now your document is all set to send.

Procedure 2
The second method is to download HelloFax which is available for Google Drive. You can do a sign in through Google button. You can also do an account creation and try linking your fax account along with Google Drive. To make that happen, you can download the Google Chrome Application for HelloFax. If you don’t have Google Chrome browser, then you first download the Google Chrome browser before continuing to the next step.
Once the application is installed, then you can HelloFax will have access to Google Drive account.

Procedure 3
You can instruct the application to request a signature or to send a fax. You can select the file you wish to fax from Google Documents which is available on your Google Drive. Once you decide on the documents, you can do the editing before sending it across. If you want to make use of the complete functionality, then you should scan the signature and upload it to your HelloFax account.

Before sending the fax across, this will give you the access to add signature digitally. Once you are done with the signature, you can place the destination phone number which is provided by fax, or you can fill in the email id of the recipient in the space provided. You can now send the document which offers 50 pages of the fax which is free of cost before being charged for their services. All you have to do is fill in the credit card details to continue sending faxes.