Overview About Skype Resolver

Skype is one among the most used telecommunication services available in the world. It will be a very good idea to make sure a person understands the importance and various features that are available in the Skype clearly. It is said that this particular technology has more than 500 million registered users in it. A softphone is the name of the application that is going to be used in the Skype. In the recent times, the development of the Skype is very good. In fact, the PC to PC communication is done in the recent time, and this has reduced the cost of the internet that is used for operating this service.

Normally, three types of nodes will be used in Skype, and the peer to peer technology is supported here. Login server, supernodes and regular nodes are the three categories that are used in the Skype. When using the Skype, it is essential to know about the Skype resolver that is said to be used in order to identify the IP address of the Skype users just with the help of the Skype username. This particular Skype resolver has the ability to identify the IP address even if the user does not permit this action.

In order to handle the resolver, the following points will be very useful. First, it is necessary to open the Skype and log in to the account. Then, go to the tools tab and click the options in it. Once the dialog box opens, it is advisable to switch to the advanced tab and select the advanced option in it. Now the incoming connection has to be changed to port 32535. Then, in the dropdown menu, opt the HTTPS. Now the pot and the host will be changed next. Finally, have a look at the proxy authentication and the uPnP so that the changes can be made accordingly.