SEO Made Easy With Some Extensions


Undoubtedly, the mindboggling tasks like SEO and digital advertising require you to complete tasks really fast. None of us have superhuman powers, however a few perks can make our tasks really easy. The buzz is about chrome extensions and nothing else. Google Chrome has quite a few extensions that are designed to cater to the needs of an SEO professional. The best part is that Google Chrome extensions are easy to use. Its installation is free and requires no special technical knowledge. Seek help from and get the best SEO service. Services from are easy to avail. Whether you are a blogger or a versatile SEO professional, do not forget to use these chrome extensions.

Google Tag Assistant: Tracking Google analytics, Adwords and GTM is made much easier with tag assistant. Having all the facilities that are not working properly is a big no-no. In order to ensure the seamless functioning of all the above-mentioned tools starts using Tag Assistant. No need to dig into those long codes anymore. Simple, use this extension to get all the information. Along with all the tracking, you can record the data for future reference. Review your check sessions later on to determine what needs improvement.

Builtwith: Its functionalities are similar to what its name suggests. It tells you, using what technology a website is built up. When you visit a website, use this extension to give you the in-depth data about the website. To name, analytics, web server, framework, advertising, mobile, content delivery network, CMS and JavaScript libraries are a few of them. With the available information, you can use it to design a successful approach for your website.

Moz Toolbar: Did you ever think about SEO audits? Well, that actually happens. MozBar will help you manage all your client calls and make SEO audits. When in need of a quick info, use this extension. Heading tags, page title, follow-on links, etc. are a few quick information you will be able to get immediately. For using the features to the fullest, you will need a subscription account. Depending on the subscription account, you have, the line of information you get will increase. With a free account one can get loads of information about custom searches, data export, social metrics, page overlay and social metrics.

Redirect Path: When performing a single page audit, redirect path can help you to a great extent. However, one cannot use it for a full website audit.
Web Developer: Named as one of the most robust chrome extensions, it helps a developer in all the technical aspects. Its features cannot be summed up in just a paragraph. However, it can help a developer look at or disable information like forms, images, CSS, cookies and much more.

TableCapture: It converts HTML tables for easy use in spreadsheets, Excel, CSVs, etc. It is super helpful in reviewing your competitor’s website. You can generate some wonderful lead generation ideas using this extension. Financial analysts can use it too in many ways.