Starting A Blog With Simple Steps

start a blog

With the advent of the Internet, communicating with the world community has become easy and even cost effective. Thanks to the term ‘Blog’ which is derived from the combination of Web Log, which is similar to writing a personal diary. In the simple sense, the term Blog is nothing but logging words on the web. It is very easy for newcomers to learn how to start a blog in the internet world. The internet offers instruction and guide to starting a blog from scratch for the novices who are keen on creating a blog. According to, websites offer businesses to increase their customer base by a huge. Read on to find some easy steps for starting a blog of your own.

Why We Need A Blog?
Human beings are social beings. They have an urge to communicate to others around them through different mediums. Extroverts would choose magazines, newspapers, etc. on the earlier days to share their thought and opinions with the people around them. Interestingly, the introverts opted to keep diaries or journals to record their innermost thoughts. The internet has thrown up a plenty of options to introverts and extroverts to exercise their need to communicate in the form of blogging. You can choose to make it private or public, depending on your requirements. You can also choose to share it with only a few people even. Blogging has been described as the new age journal by several experts.

Free Blogging Platforms
There are many free blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger, which are widely used by many bloggers from all parts of the world. The first step in creating a blog is to decide the purpose of setting up a blog. Hence one has to ask oneself what he or she wants to share with the community. Regular bloggers always keep their posts with fresh information which indicate the passion of the individuals or that reflects their day to day experience.

Once you are ready with the materials or texts that are to be shared with others, one has to choose the right blogging platform, domain name and the hosting option. Next, comes, the matter of designing the intended blog and deciding the right theme. One can always modify the blog many times before settling for one. Once settled with a specific theme, the same has to be maintained for a long time to make it memorable in your readers’ minds. Next is the matter of plugins, which are a kind of inbuilt software which helps you to share your posts easily with others. There are many cool plugins available on the web. WordPress plugins are highly recommended for the beginners, which is considered to be more user-friendly.

After finishing these steps mentioned above, one has to write a compelling content through WordPress mentioning the details of your web page menus. Images can be added wherever they are necessary. Starting a blog may look easy, but the most important part comes with its maintenance and continuity. This is where several bloggers fail and move away from the purpose for which it was started. Hence consistency is the key and professional bloggers who make blogging for promoting their businesses maintain a better blogging schedule and established innumerable contacts in the web world.