Ways To Download YouTube Videos Easily


YouTube is a collection of various videos, and it is available for access to people all over the world. Millions of people view the videos on YouTube through the Internet. It is a challenging task to download these videos to your personal device like iPad, iPod, laptop, etc. This is because the YouTube videos are not in a format supported by other devices. You need to make use of specific downloader programs to download youtube music from youtube. To know more about the tips in downloading the YouTube videos you can visit the site www.pcadvisor.com. You can read various blogs related to downloading YouTube videos on the site above. There are several options available to download YouTube videos.
The article below details the various ways to download the YouTube videos for free. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy the music videos of YouTube from your personal device.

Using Helper Sites
There are several websites available which help to download the YouTube videos for free very easily within few minutes. You need to enter the link of the YouTube video in the text box provided on the website. Some of the popular sites that help in downloading YouTube music are listed below.
Peggo is a popular one as it converts YouTube videos into MP3. The other websites used by people are Listen to YouTube, Video Grabby, Convert2Mp3, Freemake.com, Vito Mp3.The downloader sites mentioned above work in the same way as others. You should just copy and paste the link of the YouTube video in the helper site and perform download based on the format you need.

Downloadable Programs
You can make use of certain downloadable programs or software that can be installed on your computer. Some of the downloadable programs are aTube Catcher, Video Downloader Pro. YouTube dl, YTD, Freemake.com etc. These applications can be downloaded to your desktop or laptop and made use of when you need to download a particular YouTube video. Among the above mentioned downloadable programs, YTD and Freemake.com are popular and most widely used by people all over the world.

Browser Extension
You can make use of certain browsers to download the YouTube videos. It is not possible to rip the YouTube videos using Chrome browser as Google owns both YouTube and Chrome. Google does not allow downloading of YouTube videos using the browser extension. You can make use of Firefox or other similar browsers for downloading YouTube videos. Browser extensions make use of the direct link to download the YouTube videos, and it works by streaming video.

Easiest Way
The easiest way to download YouTube videos is through the website SaveFrom.net. It is a powerful website compared to other sites mentioned above. It offers a wide range of options for downloading your favorite YouTube videos. You need to paste the URL of the YouTube video on the SaveFrom.net site, and the website will download the video for you. You can download the video in the desired format namely MP4, 3GP, WebM, etc. There are no high definition download options, but the site helps in the faster download of YouTube videos.

The above are the ways to download YouTube videos for free. You can follow these methods to download your favorite YouTube videos to your personal device.