Free Movies, Entertainment at Its Best


Don’t you like watching movies? Doesn’t the very thought of watching movies for free appeal you? Watching movies in theater is quite an expensive affair, especially when they are just released. There are other ways to watch movies free of cost, thanks to the advanced technology of the internet. Below are various options of how you can do so.

Newly Released Movies for Free from the Internet

If watching a movie as soon as it is released is your choice, you have various options. You can download the movie using the internet torrent. But as movies are copyrighted, it might be considered illegal by some. Another way could be to wait for some weeks to pass and then the watch movie in a theater at a discounted rate.

The newest phenomenon that holds people’s interest these days is the ability to access movies on the internet and watch them for free. AOL video sections of certain websites, Netflix and similar sites and apps provide services that consist of watching movies online. Some of these sites are free while some charge viewers for the service provided.

ShowBox is one such movie streaming application available for the Android users. Free HD movies could be accessed using this application. The most amazing thing about ShowBox is that you can install it on any gadget you want to use it in and access Hollywood movies.

Other Ways to Access Free Movies

There are a number of other options too. The internet freebie sites or as they are popularly called incentive sites give DVDs at cheap rates. Such services are user-friendly as a meager amount is required for signing up on such freebie sites. Once you sign up, you will get free movies or DVDs. There is no restriction on what kind of movie you want to watch. You can choose from comedies, classics, thrillers, horrors or other genres.